We believe that unfolding the planet has a lot to do with unraveling yourself, embracing new perspectives and connecting to causes through lived experiences. By adopting a global lens and contextualising local issues, we animate conversations relating to positive social and environmental impact.

When a place unfurls its magic to you, you’ll begin to feel a desire and at times even a responsibility to give back in return. Every Atlas Unbound journey harnesses the power of local networks and grassroots communities and ensures that everyone involved benefits from your journey, through every smile shared and penny spent. 

We also know that we can’t do all of this alone so we’ve partnered with leading NGOs in each of our locations to ensure that our actions generate a positive impact and help protect local ecosystems. We integrate sustainable thinking into all that we do, whether it’s through supporting nascent enterprise by purchasing from local families or collaborating with social entrepreneurs and championing community-based ecotourism.

Having a lasting impact is essential to us, and so over the course of repeated journeys we will be investing back into select projects. Please check back here or sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest developments.