Journeying with us means finding yourself roaming through wild lands with those who share a passion for discovery, for reveling in the unknown and embracing fresh perspectives.

Atlas Unbound brings together unique groups of individuals from diverse backgrounds to share ideas and cultivate thought-provoking discussions. Our group sizes are kept small – between ten and fourteen people – because intimacy and camaraderie are essential to who we are.

We’ve opened up our map and explored each of our atlas points, discovering their secret lairs and curating experiences that stretch the realms of the ordinary. Each of our journeys is very different in terms of its landscapes and content, so take a moment to browse through our journeys below to determine your path.


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What Atlas Unbound have created is nothing short of remarkable. In our crazy, disconnected and repetitive world, a trip into the unknown exploring cultures, communities and creatures provided me with a renewed sense of purpose and a richer perspective on our place in the world. With new friends gained, knowledge shared and a life time supply of stories to tell, this is a winning combination. I would do it again in an instant.

- henry, new york

A truly magical trip through the Mexican jungle, meeting local communities, getting back in touch with nature, exploring deeper meanings and connecting with worldly peers… I’ve never felt as energized as after this trip!


One of the most formative, powerful, genuine and inspiring experiences of my life. 

- Frank, los angeles

Atlas Unbound took me to places that will be remembered as some of my best experiences: the forgotten pyramids may be one of my favorite places in Mexico, and the waterfalls one of the most magical nature experiences I’ve ever had. The group was fantastic; I hope to call the complementary and compatible crew friends for life.

- alexander, mexico city

“The journey left me feeling breathless and inspired; it felt like I took ten days off instead of a weekend and was left energized for weeks. Reminiscent of a Tarantino film set amongst Mayan temples, the places we visited were so secretly marvelous and the group was filled without exception with such wonderful people that surely will become part of my community.”


"The best trip I've had in years. I'll probably end up in therapy to stop missing the feelings this experience evoked in me."

- Federico, Mexico city