About Us

Atlas Unbound was founded in 2017 by Siobhan Brewster and Alexa Firmenich. We create immersive experiences that inspire the discovery of new lands and different ways of understanding the world. We catalyze conversations, interactions and learning through a unique combination of journeys deep into nature, facilitated workshop sessions and urban events. 

Siobhan Brewster has previously used an anthropology major, a stint in the fashion industry and five years in international investment banking as her ticket to traversing the world on various adventures. Scottish by birth, her prior chapters have included London, Bali, New York and most recently, three years in Mexico City.

Alexa Firmenich is a Swiss photographer, writer and conservationist whose assignments have taken her around the world from Japan to Argentina and India to Antarctica. Her guiding light is her passion for sustainability and for connecting people back to nature, creating moments and experiences that spark hearts and inspire newfound passions  .

What they say about us... 

What Atlas Unbound has created is nothing short of remarkable. In our crazy, disconnected and repetitive world, a trip into the unknown exploring cultures, communities and creatures provided me with a renewed sense of purpose and a richer perspective on our place in the world. With new friends gained, knowledge shared and a life time supply of stories to tell, this is a winning combination. I would do it again in an instant.
— Henry, New York
One of the most formative, powerful, genuine and inspiring experiences of my life.
— Frank, Los Angeles
The journey left me feeling breathless and inspired; it felt like I took ten days off instead of a weekend and was left energized for weeks. Reminiscent of a Tarantino film set amongst Mayan temples, the places we visited were so secretly marvelous and the group was filled without exception with such wonderful people that surely will become part of my community.
— Alexis, France
If you want to discover the magnificent Barrancas, Atlas Unbound is the right way to do it. Do not miss this opportunity if you’re lucky enough to get a seat there.
— Xavier, Mexico
A deep personal experience; a mind and soul upgrade.
— happy camper, France